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狗带 gou(
) dai(

derogatory | Very Popular

go die

The term gou dai is the homophonic expression of the English phrase “go die.” The homophonic expression came from the artist Huang Zitao’s rap lyrics “wo bu hui jiu zhe yang qing yi de go die” (I will not go die so easily) and has become a popular term on the Internet since then. The term can be used when people want to end a conversation by asking the other party to gou dai, or when stressed-out people let off the steam by saying “wo yao gou dai la” (I wanna go die). 事情太多做不完,我要狗带啦。 Shì qíng tài duō zuò bù wán, wǒ yào gǒu dài la. There is too much work to do; I wanna go die.

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